Monday, September 22, 2008

LPRT is Tonight!

What: The LivePokerRadio Tour Monday Night Madness
Time : 10 P.M. ET Full Tilt Poker Monday Night
Buy In: $12 + $1
Format : Double Stack NLHE KNOCKOUT! $2 Bounty per player
PW : Boom
Join us for the fun!
Will TripJax Repeat? ? Will Waffles show up? Will someone keep up with Alcanthang at the Bash?

These questions and more COULD be answered Tonight!!

Be There!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2008 Borgata Poker Open WPT Final Table

"This is a sick game.
Jason Strochak
The final table of the 2008 Borgata Poker Open is underway with the final 6 players shooting for the $1,400,000 first place prize. The TV table is set up and the audience has been seated.

Vivek Rajkumar - 6,400,000
Mark Seif - 4,665,000
Dan Heimiller - 3,360,000
Sang Kim - 3,085,000
Jason Strochak - 1,650,000
Andrew Knee - 1,475,000

As the play gets underway there have been some sick hands. Big pairs cracked by underpairs, flopped straight for Jason turned into a chopped pot on the turn and Vivek pulling a +$12,000,000 pot by cracking Mark Seif's AA with tens.

The action has been fast and furious getting down to 4 players just after the first break

6th - Andrew Knee - $237,500
5th - Mark Seif - $287,500

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of Day

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

Jules - Pulp Fiction
Vivek Rajumar took us down to the final TV table of 6 players.

7th - John Myung - $187,500

The remaining players were relieved and John Myung was left to collect his 8th place money. The railbird are talking to their friends still left in the game and the rest are heading for the tables. It will take a while to get the chips counted and bagged but they final 6 know they'll be playing on the big stage tomorrow afternoon looking to bag just south of a mil and a half.

I'll post the chip counts when they are official and I'll be live blogging from the WPT final table tomorrow afternoon.

Chris Arvantitis out in 8th

And we're down one more player. One more til the TV table is set.

Chris Arvantitis, a Canadian, was Main Event entrant 516 out of 516 after satelliting his way in at the very list minute before registration closed. He took his last minute shot and walked away with $137,500 for his efforts.

8th - Chris Arvantitis - $137,500

End of Level 28

"These are the times that try men's souls"
Thomas Paine
Amen sir. The remaining 9 players were holding onto their chips like they are worth their weight in gold. Since I am unaware of the current price of gold, that might actually be true. No one wants to get this far and fail to make first prize money but it has to happen.

Stephen Vanauken will not be making his television debut when he busted out at the beginning of Level 28.

9th - Stephen Vanauken - $100,000

Mark Seif made a move from big stack to chip leader in a lesson to be learned. SB limped with aces and got burned. For most of his stack.

End of Level 27 - Michael Binger out

The players are either being extremely careful at this point or there is a concerted effort to hypnotize the floor staff then run off with the loot. There's a $35k difference between 9th and 10th and that will certainly buy a ton of Panda Express down in the cafeteria. The one lone bit of excitement was short stacked Michael Binger getting all in with 99 versus AK. 9 on the flop made the flopped ace pointless and Binger doubles up.

The railbirds are still going strong but they look to mostly be friends of the players. The casual looky lou stops in for about 10 minutes before heading back to the tables.

The blinds are going to start catching up with some of the players shortly and things should pick back up.

Mark Seif is the current short stack.


I wrote this post, completely ready to publish it then run for the smoking border. Then Michael Binger busted out on the last hand before the break. He will collect $65,000 for his effort and we're down to the final 9.

10th - Michael Binger - $65,000

End of Level 26

Level 26 started out with fireworks having Dannenmann going out early. Then things slowed to a crawl. Nothing outrageous except a hand that belongs in the Ace-Rag Hall of Fame between Heimiller and Myung, Seif tossed his AQ away and the other two chopped the pot.

We're still sitting at 10 players and moving onto Level 27.

Not sure about the players or railbirds, but I personally went on tilt when they turned the TV's in the room from the Phillies game to the cage fighting.